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Quantification Addendum:International Medical Guide forShips

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This volume contains recommended quantities, indications and dosing for 55 medicines listed in the International Medical Guide for Ships 3rd edition. The quantities are based on three types of ships:
- ocean-going ships with crews of 25-40 and no doctor (Category A);
- coastal ships with cres of up to 25 that travel no more than 24 hours from a port of call (Category B); and
- small boats and private craft with crews of 15 or less, and usually travelling no more than a few hours from a port of call (Category C).

These quantities have been updated to reflect the decrease of crew numbers on most ships and calculated voyages on one month.

This companion volume to the International Medical Guide for Ships provides essential guidance to all those who are involved in the procurement, purchasing, stock maintenance and use of medicines to promote and protect the health of seafarers worldwide.

ISBN: 9789241547994
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